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Since 1998, SHOC is the world's largest international registry of extraordinary and distinctive colorful sport horses & ponies, supported by the world's leading athletes, breeders and experts. Introducing to the world, Knabstruppers, Kinskys, Czech Warmbloods, German WBs, Polish WBs, German and Australian Riding Ponies, Lewitzers, Perlinos, Palominos, Buckskins, Duns, Cremellos, Pintos, Roans, Homozygous Tobianos and Appaloosas, Sabinos, Overos, Dominant Whites & Blacks, Champagnes, Brindles ...

The last of a MOST rare breed needs your help: 
***Abaco Barbs Declared World's Most Endangered Breed***
The 8 remaining Abaco Barbs, on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas, are fighting for their lives.
The eight horses pictured here are not the surviving horses. There are only 3 remaining Pintos.
To learn more about this important breed and how you can help, click here.
Please help them directly, if you can!   Any small contribution will help their cause.

SHOC - Celebrating 15 years of distinction!
"Celebrate the Differences" with SHOC!!!

Look for official news updates on rare breeds such as Knabstruppers, Kinskys, etc.

The U.S.A. Horse Shows Association, Inc.: An Affiliated National Association of the Federation (USEF)
: For a serious discussion of colored equines/special breeds, go to the usAHSA 'message forum'

Press Release: Breeders Futurity! - One Futurity, Two Disciplines - What a Concept!!

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SHOC is influencing positive changes towards colored equines - around the world!  Here are a few, so far...

~ Since 1998, SHOC has been uniting color breeders and enthusiasts, globally.

~ SHOC is making history as the largest database and color-oriented "sport" type horse and pony registry.

~ SHOC is supported by the most prominent color breeders from around the world!

~ SHOC is the only registry to recognize, register, promote and make Horse of the Year awards to distinctive equine athletes in extraordinary colors and sizes (horses and ponies) in multiple countries!

~ American based, SHOC registers and promotes the most successful colored equines in the world including rare breeds and cross-breeds of Warmbloods, Ponies, Thoroughbreds with extraordinary spots and colors.

~ SHOC's unprecedented "International Advisory Board" is comprised of some of the most noteworthy and accomplished equestrians from around the world. SHOC's International Advisory Board and its committee members have been extremely key to SHOC's cutting edge and unprecedented, registration and awards program in SHOC for equines in a myriad of registries in multiple countries.

~ SHOC is proud to be single-handedly responsible for re-introducing rare Knabstruppers to North America and enjoys a close alliance with the Danish KNN (Danish Knabstrup Society, Denmark).

~ SHOC maintains unprecedented cooperation, associations and strong alliances with Equestrian Federations and color-oriented equine organizations - globally, striving for worldwide understanding and acceptance of colored equines - to demystify competition standards and "approvals" of colored equines in countries which are foreign to one another.




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News Highlights:

July 2008 - The Danish Knabstrupper Association (KNN) successfully travelled to and inspected Knabstruppers in So. Germany on July 2, 2008.

The Danish KNN has named its first "daughter association!"
Italy is the first, and only, daughter association approved by the Danish KNN which is based in Denmark - home of the fabulous spotted Danish horses and ponies known as Knabstruppers!
Read more here: 


First Time Outside of Europe, the United States Shuts out France to Host World´s Largest Equestrian Competition at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky more...

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