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- About Us

tabEstablished in 1998, International Sport Horses of Color, Inc., "SHOC," is the worldwide, color-oriented, "sport" horse and pony registry organized to unite sport horse breeders and promote top quality sport horses of all colors, internationally!   SHOC's reference to "sport horse" includes sport ponies, except where inapplicable.   SHOC is the global nexus to the finest colored equines and their breeders - around the world! 

tabSHOC provides an internationally organized forum in which the leading sport horses/ponies are identified, registered, promoted, shown and awarded, equally by color, all within one registry!  SHOC registers and equally recognizes "solid" colors of sport horses both to improve the bloodlines of the colored/spotted ("colored") sport horses and provide value to the solid offspring resulting from colored breedings.  SHOC recognizes separate and distinct horse, pony and color divisions, including Appaloosa, Knabstrupper, Champagne, Buckskin, Cremello, Palomino, Pinto, Paint, Roan, Dun, Dominant Black and White and Solid colors (which includes every other recognized horse color - such as Bay, Brown, Chestnut).  To ensure that each color is equally recognized, awards are made to several color divisions, in each of the recognized English disciplines; almost as if SHOC is several registries in one.  

SHOC continues to influence positive changes towards colored equines - around the world!    
Here are a few, so far...

~ Since 1998, SHOC has been uniting color breeders and enthusiasts, globally.

~ SHOC is making history as the largest database and color-oriented "sport" type horse and pony registry.

~ SHOC is supported by the most prominent color breeders from around the world!

~ SHOC is the only registry to recognize, register, promote and make Horse of the Year awards to distinctive equine athletes in extraordinary colors and sizes (horses and ponies) in multiple countries!

~ American based, SHOC registers and promotes the most successful colored equines in the world including rare breeds and cross-breeds of Warmbloods, Ponies, Thoroughbreds with extraordinary spots and colors.

~ SHOC's unprecedented "International Advisory Board" is comprised of some of the most noteworthy and accomplished equestrians from around the world. SHOC's International Advisory Board and its committee members have been extremely key to SHOC's cutting edge and unprecedented, registration and awards program in SHOC for equines in a myriad of registries in multiple countries.

~ SHOC is proud to be single-handedly responsible for re-introducing rare Knabstruppers to North America and enjoys a close alliance with the Danish KNN (Danish Knabstrup Society, Denmark).

~ SHOC maintains unprecedented cooperation, associations and strong alliances with Equestrian Federations and color-oriented equine organizations - globally, striving for worldwide understanding and acceptance of colored equines - to demystify competition standards and "approvals" of colored equines in countries which are foreign to one another.

SHOC Leads the industry as the first truly "international" registry to launch a "Sport Pony" division and recognize ponies, worldwide!

tabSHOC is pleased to be the leader as the first international registry to launch a Sport Pony division that mirrors the Sport Horse division. SHOC is also the only all breed sport horse/pony registry to register virtually every color of sport horses/ponies, maintain ("track") the color pedigree of its registered horses, and make awards to the individual spotted, rare and solid colors, literally, worldwide!  The tracking of color pedigree will allow breeding for color with more predictability and bloodlines that are complimentary, and likely, to improve specific breeding programs.

 tabSHOC's cutting edge vision is realized now as evidenced by the surge of acceptance and popularity of sport ponies by both adults and children, worldwide!    

tabSHOC is dedicated to recognizing, promoting and preserving the bloodlines of sport horses of all colors, which have evolved, both by personal achievement, performance record, and the achievement of their progeny.  SHOC is a central information center,  "database," providing a "global nexus" to breeders of the various breeds of and colors of sport horses; a medium through which all breeders have means to communicate and network with each other to improve bloodlines and promote their horses across the world.  SHOC is bridging the gap between countries and colored sport horse breeders and organizations, worldwide!

tabHorses registered with SHOC must be of the "sport" or "English" riding "type," athletic, with correct conformation, elastic movements, and well suited for the English disciplines of dressage, eventing, hunters, jumping, combined driving and endurance.  SHOC accepts a variety of breeds and cross-breeds as long as they are sport horse/pony types and meet the criteria of SHOC.   SHOC horses/ponies are shown and competed, internationally, with similarly colored horses pursuant to national standards of the country in which the horse is shown, in each of the above-mentioned English disciplines.  Awards are made based upon verification of competition points in the applicable country of competition.