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Tips for the BEST Photographs for posting to the WWW

We, at SHOC, would like to share the benefit of our experience with photos and the WWW. Most importantly, the horse (usual subject of SHOC photos) should be photographed in front of a contrasting and complimentary background. Pintos, particularly, are the best quality, showing all the details of the Pinto markings, when they are photographed in front of a very light background, with any trees or darkness in the background that will blend with the color markings of the horse.

Photos will be quickest to view on the WWW if they are JPEG formatted and 72 dpi is usually best but photographs may be used that are scanned as low as 36 dpi. Photographs no larger than 4" x 6" are used by SHOC, for the most part, as they are a good viewable size and still load quickly from the WWW.