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Tips for Scanning & E-mailing Photos/Images for the WWW

Clear images that load fast appeal to viewers and keep their interest.   When scanning images, please remember that the scanned image will darken somewhat, especially when uploaded to the WWW.  At SHOC, we recommend the photo/image is always scanned at 100%.  Resolution may be set as low as 36 dpi/pixels per inch and as high as 300 dpi, or pixels per inch.  The lower the resolution, the faster the image loads in a website. This is very different from print publications which require a higher resolution, usually at least 300 dpi or pixels per inch. The higher resolution makes a nice clear image in print publications. Should one try to use the lower resolution image, such as that of a 36 or 72 dpi resolution image posted in a website, that same image used in a print publication will look very washed out and be unacceptable for use.

Images for SHOC must be cropped and lightened prior to a re-size of the image to no larger than 300 pixels.  We require that the image for use in our website is scanned at 72 dpi/pixels per inch, saved at 100% , resized to exactly 300 pixels, at most, so as to make the load time very quick.  The key to creating a lot of interest and traffic to a website is to make the site easy to navigate around in and make clear images that load fast so as not to lose the interest of the viewer.

Please obtain SHOC's permission to e-mail images to SHOC prior to e-mailing them. Images must be "ready to post" and must be submitted with permission of the photographer. It is the responsibility of the SHOC member to provide SHOC with any "Photo Credit."  All images must be saved and submitted in a JPEG format. For example: elitehorse.jpg

We sometimes crop and lighten the website photos substantially to clearly view the horse in each photograph.