Animal Trac Software is the best overall animal record keeping software available for animal owners and/or breeders. It is known world wide as being the most complete product to manage:

all animal health, service, breeding and show records,
customer records,
monetary book keeping (income and expense),
inventory of equipment and supplies,
billing and accounts receivables,
detailed personal information calendar,
overall animal view of all data,

It is also the most affordable, easiest to use and most recommended throughout the Industry. With 7 days a week technical support, you always have help when you need it even on weekends. You can also access the Technical Support Options on our web site and by email.

Special editions are available for many horse and goat breeds and for AKC dogs.

Prices start at $68.50.

Starshine Enterprizes also offers The Registry, a software system designed specifically for building an Animal Registry. This system provides all of the features necessary to record:

animal records for registered animals and ancestors,
owner/member information,
income and expense tracking,
breeding reports,
registry reports.

The Registry is completely customized to the needs of the specific registry using the product and like Animal Trac provides 7 days a week technical support.

Price: $375

Visit the Starshine Enterprizes website to learn more.

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