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Registration Rules
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Definition of "Sport Horse" and "Sport Pony" & Size Requirement
All horses and ponies presented for SHOC registration must be a "sport" type.  Sport Horses must be at least 14.2hh/147.32 centimeters and Sport Ponies may stand no taller than 14.2hh.  A sport horse and/or sport pony is defined by SHOC as a horse suitable for any of the following recognized English disciplines: Eventing, Jumping, Combined Driving, Endurance, Dressage and Hunters, including in-hand classes in Dressage and Hunters.  SHOC's reference to "sport horse" includes sport ponies, except where clearly inapplicable. Sport horses eligible, worldwide, for registration in SHOC include a variety of breeds and cross-breeds of horses already registered in recognized sport horse or warmblood registries/verbands.   Inspections may be required and scheduled, in the near future, for completion of registration and "approved" status.  In the interim, SHOC evaluates and registers sport horses on the basis of the properly completed registration application submitted to SHOC with consideration given to conformation, bloodlines, registration and approval in other registries/verbands, performance records and movement. In "hardship" cases, including horses with unknown pedigrees, video and/or physical inspection plus a hardship fee may be required.  Sport Horses presented to SHOC for registration, evaluated to the satisfaction of SHOC are eligible to take advantage of all the benefits of SHOC, including participation in the SHOC Awards Program. Some breeders are using small sport horses for sport pony breeding which may result in sport pony foals but SHOC has adopted the international measurement standard which provides that a pony is no taller than 14.2 hh and will be classified as such for registration and competitions.

     SHOC welcomes and registers sport horses and sport ponies of all colors, spotted, rare colors and solids resulting from at least one colored parent.  Solid color horses from a non-colored parent are welcome to register and will receive "regular" registration papers.  Since SHOC is a color oriented registry, it is currently under consideration as to whether the solids from non-colored parents will be eligible to participate in the SHOC awards program.  SHOC recognizes and records the coat color and registers sport horses/ponies accordingly.  For competition and awards purposes, SHOC currently recognizes and awards, annually, separate and distinct color divisions including rare spotted: Knabstruppers/Appaloosas & Pintos; dilutes: Palominos, Duns, Buckskins, Cremellos; and, solids: Bays, Blacks, Chestnuts, Browns, Greys, etc.  This distinction of colors allows spotted, rare and solid color horses to be fairly recognized and promoted, independent of one another, within their own division of color.  SHOC recognizes the visible coat color, not the "breed," and registers the horse accordingly to recognize, promote and award the distinct coat colors/patterns, separately and independent of one another.   In other words, solid colors do not compete against the spotted colors which allows allocation of awards to many SHOC horses in several colors.

Registration Status
     SHOC allows registration of all sport types of horses and ponies and allows those horses to elevate their entry level status through inspection, performance or progeny.  Regular registration provides equal opportunities for sport horse owners to compete and present progeny and elevate the horse's status through inspection, performance or progeny. There are four (4) levels of registration status available in SHOC: Regular, Approved, Premium and Elite. These Rules are subject to change at any time, without any notice, at the sole discretion of SHOC.

          Regular registration (aka "Registered"):  All sport horses/ponies are eligible for Regular registration in SHOC's "Open" Stud Book and to participate in the Awards Program.  This is the first, or entry, level of registration which provides SHOC horses opportunity to prove themselves through performance and/or progeny.  A horse's status in SHOC may be improved and elevated to Approved, Premium or Elite based on inspection scores, performance record or production of Approved progeny registered with SHOC.

         Approved:  A sport horse/pony "Approved" for breeding.  Approval may be attained, at SHOC's discretion, by physical inspection, performance and/or progeny record and/or acceptance of a SHOC recognized registry or verband's inspection.  Approval is not automatic and may be applied for again, after initial denial of approval, via inspection, performance record and/or progeny.

Premium:  Premium is the second highest level attainable in SHOC.  This status may be earned by stallions who produce at least ten (10) approved progeny also registered with SHOC or through performance and/or inspection scores TBA.  Premium status may also be conferred on mares, geldings and foals via inspection in addition to performance record and foals' inspections.  A mare that produces three (3) SHOC approved foals may be conferred with Premium status with or without inspection of herself.

Elite:  Elite is the highest level attainable in SHOC.  This status is conferred on stallions who are outstanding individuals and have earned the highest recognition in sports, international stallion tests and/or progeny.  Elite status may also be conferred on mares and geldings that are outstanding representatives of SHOC due to their performance records and/or successful completion of gradings, international tests and/or progeny, if any.  An Elite SHOC horse exemplifies the SHOC standards and what all others may strive to achieve to identify their horse as an equine athlete, a true sport horse/pony.

All Registrations in SHOC are one-time and lifetime registration for the registered horse as long as SHOC's rules are followed at all times.  SHOC reserves the right and full discretion to revoke registration at all times.

Application for Registration

     SHOC registration requires submission to SHOC of a properly executed and fully completed Registration Application, complete with photocopy(ies) of any and all registration papers for said horse from any and all other registries/verbands.   Membership is required to register a horse with SHOC. 

Photocopy(ies) must be clearly legible and complete, including the front and back sides of all pages.  A photocopy of the papers for the parents of the SHOC horse to be registered is also helpful, if available and provided with the Registration Application.  This is not a requirement but rather a recommendation to enable SHOC to prepare the most complete and accurate registration certificate especially as to coat color in the pedigree.  Registration Application must be submitted to SHOC along with appropriate fees made payable to "SHOC" in U.S. funds, (foreign payment must be made in the form of an "International Money Order" or "International Draft" - drawn on an American bank in U.S. Dollars, usually available at foreign post offices, VISA payment via Pay Pal or wire transfer) along with four (4) current conformation photographs as well as membership application and applicable fees therefor. No other form of photograph is acceptable for registration, including photocopies or e-mailed images; only original photographs are acceptable for registration.   SHOC does not provide the service of copying or downloading pictures of horses from websites, or any other source, to satisfy the requirement of four (4) registration photographs.  All paperwork and photos must be provided to SHOC by the owner of the horse, as described herein.  Incomplete paperwork will result in additional fees to complete registration.  Registration requires registered owner's full compliance at all times, with SHOC rules and policies.  Registration is subject to the approval and acceptance by SHOC, solely at SHOC's discretion.  If a horse to be registered with SHOC is leased, a complete copy of the fully executed Lease Agreement between all of the parties must be submitted with the SHOC registration application.

The horse must be clean in the registration photographs. The four (4) registration photographs must be clear, unobstructed, conformation photos clearly showing the full front, rear and side views of the subject horse, squarely standing on a solid and level surface, wearing only a halter, no other tack, and a light or contrasting, unobstructed, background is required.  Without exception, photographs must clearly show front and rear of the horse, squarely and straight on from behind and from the front of the horse; the entire side of the horse; horse's head up, looking straight forward.  Photos of horses walking, trotting, running, playing or under saddle, etc. are unacceptable registration photos.  It is extremely important that photographs are provided in this manner as the horse's conformation, color and markings must be very clear in order to receive registration papers.  Photos of the subject horse must be taken in front of a very light or sharply contrasting background that does not interfere with the horse's color or markings, particularly in the case of Appaloosas, Knabstruppers and Pintos as their markings can sometimes "blend" in with background trees, bushes, etc., making it impossible to discern what is the horse and what is background.  

PLEASE NOTE:  SHOC does not provide the service of copying or downloading pictures of horses from websites to satisfy the requirement of four (4) registration photographs.  All paperwork and photos must be provided to SHOC by the owner of said horse, as above-described. Digital photos are acceptable but must be provided, printed, on "Kodak" photo paper and there must not be any manipulation of the image in said photos. Color copies of digital or any other type of photos on paper, are not acceptable.

       All photos must be taken within ninety (90) days of submission to SHOC. Each photo must be clearly marked on the back of it with the date and name of the horse, as submitted to SHOC. Photos submitted without this required information constitute "incomplete paperwork" and may result in additional fees to complete registration.


     Stallions are eligible for registration in SHOC and must be Approved and Licensed for breeding mares by April 1st of the stallion's fifth birth year or at the time of first breeding, whichever date comes first.  All names of offspring seeking SHOC registration, by the SHOC registered Stallion, must be submitted by the Stallion Owner(s) in a Stallion Breeding Report timely submitted to SHOC by the deadline of the current breeding year. In order for the stallion to retain a current "provisional" breeding license, in good standing with SHOC, the stallion must breed and register a minimum of two (2) foals per year and a total of at least ten (10) foals within five (5) years of the issuance of its license.  A permanent License is granted to stallions once they meet this requirement or achieve "Elite" registration status as long as there is full compliance with all SHOC rules.  Failure to comply with these requirements, may result in a revocation of the stallion's license and the stallion will then be required to be presented to SHOC again for consideration of a new license.  SHOC reserves the right to Approve and License stallions presented to SHOC that are over the age of five (5) years and/or already registered with other accepted registries/verbands. SHOC registration papers and stallion license's must be returned to SHOC upon demand. It is the sole responsibility of the stallion owner to notify SHOC immediately in the case of the death of a horse or the gelding of a stallion; original registration papers and Breeding License for said horse must be returned to SHOC for recording changes within thirty (30) days of the date of death or gelding.