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UNITED STATES WINS BID TO HOST 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games!
For the first time, the World Equestrian Games (WEG) will be held outside of Europe in 2010, when the games come to the United States. Under the leadership of Governor Ernie Fletcher and his administration, Kentucky’s bid to host the games at the Kentucky Horse Park came through victorious in an announcement made half-way around the world in Bahrain. more...

Olympic News Flash: * Equestrian: In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, the U.S. team stood upon the medal's stand and received the silver medal in the team jumping final. Wednesday is the individual grand prix freestyle dressage.U.S. Olympic Team eNewsletter - Gold Medal Pass - August 25, 2004 - ...
For more international Olympic news, see:

Beginning March 1, 2004, owners and breeders will be able to Life record horses with U.S. Equestrian at reduced rates as low as $35! The change to Article 812.6 offers the following discounts:

"Article 812. Horse Recordings 6. Horse recording applications are available from the Federation office. The recording fee for the life of a horse is: $35 if applied for from birth to December 31st of year foaled; $85 for horses one year of age (if applied for from January 1 to December 31 of the first year after foaling); $160 for horses two years of age (if applied for from January 1 to December 31 of the second year after foaling); $200 for horses three years of age or older. To qualify for the age discount, registration papers and/or other proof of age must be provided. ”

"This rule change offers breeders and owners a tremendous opportunity to Life record young horses for purposes of Horse of the Year, Leading Sire and Leading Breeder awards," stated Cheryll Frank, Director of Sport Data for U.S. Equestrian. "At these rates, breeders and owners can afford to Life record multiple horses, thereby entering them in the Awards program for present or future owners, as well as giving breeders the opportunity to track their products and earn recognition."

SHOC's database is like no other!  SHOC completed an overhaul of its database, including not only members' and registered horses' records, but also a separate database which includes pedigree and competition records of colored equines from around the world, translated into English. This service will be available to the public, as well as SHOC members in the near future, for a low fee. SHOC continues to build and maintain its database featuring colored equines from around the world! SHOC appreciates its long standing, loyal members who have remained patient and supportive through SHOC's trials and tribulations of enormous growth and progression over the years.  SHOC's International Advisory Board and Committee members have been extremely key to SHOC's cutting edge and unprecedented, registration and awards program in SHOC for equines in a myriad of registries in multiple countries.

SHOC Inspections: SHOC members interested in having their horses and/or ponies inspected this year, please contact SHOC via e-mail or snail mail.  *When e-mailing SHOC, please use your first and last name and regular ISP/e-mail account.  SHOC is currently scheduling the inspections for the coming months, utilizing highly qualified sport horse judges who are Equestrian Federation "rated/sanctioned" by their respective country(ies). If you are interested in SHOC inspections but you're not a member of SHOC, you must become a member in order to participate in the inspections.

SHOC sponsors USDF All Breeds Awards for the fourth consecutive year:
Any members interested in participating are urged to contact SHOC to learn more about how to participate.

SHOC's unprecedented "International Advisory Board" is comprised of some of the most noteworthy and accomplished equestrians from around the world.

Now that's a 'Patriotic American Horse'

A Sign of the Times - A Real "Horse of a Different Color" ... makes news around the world! This Patriotic American Horse has been painted the colors of the American flag at least four times, by owner, in Florida. More to follow ...

Heart Set On A Pinto!
by: Susan "Sam" Madden
"Sam" is one of the world's most optimistic equestrians who lets nothing stop her... Blind since 1990 due to diabetes, using a coach directing her on a radio headset, Sam Madden rode her Pinto mare Sugarplum Vision (Zoe) to her ROMs in Hunter Under Saddle and English Pleasure in open competition last year. More here.

New Magazine for Distinctive Color Breeders
Announcing: "The Color Connection," the new authoritative magazine featuring news and hard to find "official information about rare colored sport horses and sport ponies, worldwide, available only through SHOC! This is the only magazine of its kind with international coverage of rare breeds and colors, such as: Knabstruppers, Kinskys, Czechs, Polish Warmbloods, Belgians, Swedish & German Wambloods, Sabinos, Buckskins, Brindles, Champagnes, Irish Draughts, Roans, Palominos, Cremellos, Duns, True Blacks, True Whites, Grullas, Paints, Pintos, Appaloosas, Ponies of the Americas, and more...  SHOC will continue to demystify color breeding, unite breeders, worldwide, and bridge the gap over the "big pond!"  If you are interested in submitting articles or, for more information, contact SHOC directly.
SHOC forms unprecedented International Advisory Board
SHOC is pleased to finally introduce its unprecedented International Advisory Board, comprised of noteworthy equestrians, including judges, representatives from the U.S., Canada and European countries. The primary function of the International Advisory Board is to to advise the Executive Board as to equestrian Rules and Regulations in the various countries and to assist and facilitate in the application of fair standards for all SHOC members. SHOC is especially appreciative of the IAB members who have assisted SHOC over the years and contributed greatly to SHOC's success! The IAB also reviews nominations for the SHOC Hall of Fame and assists in the decisions of those horses inducted into the SHOC Hall of Fame.  more ...

SHOC Horse of the Year Awards AND USDF All Breeds Awards in America
SHOC offers Horse of the Year Awards for sport horses and sport ponies in addition to awards for dressage under the USDF All Breeds Awards Program in the U.S.A. See USDF These awards are offered by SHOC worldwide, in each member's home country AND offered via the USDF All Breeds Awards program in the U.S. SHOC offers the most extensive Awards Program in the world, recognizing its members' participating horses in dressage, eventing, showjumping, driving & endurance.  
If interested in more information, please contact SHOC directly.

Another Knabstrupper mare is imported to the USA...

The second confirmed Knabstrupper has arrived in the USA!  "Menetti," as she is called, is an extraordinary "few spot" Knabstrupper, meaning she is homozygous for producing colored Knabstruppers. Menetti, carried a foal by the leopard spotted Approved Knabstrupper/SHOC stallion, Figaro, foaling in June 2003. More ...

Seattle Slew - Triple Crown Winner Dead
His name can be found in the pedigree of sport horses, including warmbloods. Champion race horse, Seattle Slew, horse racing's Triple Crown winner in 1977, has died in his stall, leaving thoroughbred horse racing with no living Triple Crown champion. A statement from Hill-n-Dale farm in Kentucky said Seattle Slew died in his sleep yesterday. His death came 25 years to the day after he won the Kentucky Derby on May 7, 1977. The 28-year-old horse won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes with Jean Cruguet as his jockey. He is the only horse to have won the Triple Crown - a three race American series for three-year-old horses - while racing undefeated. Seattle Slew went on to become one of thoroughbred racing's top breeding stallions. His death leaves the thoroughbred horseracing world without a living Triple Crown champion for the first time since 1919.
The First Knabstrupper Has Arrived in the USA... more- click here

Photos taken and provided for publishing by Kim Sparre
Pepita and
Mølager Monique, sired by Xanthos, with dam, Mølager Columbine (from left to right)
Danish Silver Medal Award awarded to Mølager Columbine (far right), owned by Ena Sparre

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Pay-N-Go Retires Legendary Appaloosa Dressage Horse

Pay-N-Go Chosen to Perform at Linda McCartney's Memorial Service

Sport Horse Conformation And The Breeder by: Dr. Robert Baird (re-printed with his permission, before he passed on)

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Dressage At Devon 2000 SHOC Class Results

SHOC's 2001 Winners of USDF's "All Breeds Awards"
SHOC's first year of participation in the U.S. Dressage Federation (USDF) "All Breeds Awards Program is a booming success! Click here to view all the winners! SHOC members are very pleased to have this additional opportunity for awards and exposure in dressage. SHOC is pleased to see an increase in colored horses in the show rings and showing so well! Congratulations to all our participating winners! Best wishes for a successful 2002 show season!
Third Consecutive Year SHOC Class is offered at prestigious Dressage at Devon 2001
SHOC offers its thanks to the anonymous "Friends of SHOC" for making possible the SHOC Class at DAD this year!  This is the third consecutive year SHOC has sponsored an Individual Breed Class (IBC) - in hand showing.
Hilda Gurney honors SHOC by appointing Lori Wagner to the USDF Sport Horse Breeding Committee!
At the 1999 USDF Annual Convention held in Denver, Colorado, Hilda Gurney, Chair of the USDF SH Breeding Committee, officially appointed Lori Wagner, of SHOC, to the SH Breeding Committee! This is a tremendous honor and the appointment is accepted with enthusiasm!

Congratulations to Trisha DeRosa and CFS Wolf
Dressage at Devon
Reserve Champion - Appaloosa - International Sport Horses of Color - IBC (Individual Breed Class) (7th overall)

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