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American Hanoverian Society
American Holsteiner Horse Association, The

American Paint Horse Association (APHA)
American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)
American Trakehner Association
Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC)
Australian Stud Book
  (Australian Jockey Club. The official site for Australian Breeding information.)
The British Hanoverian Horse Society
Coloured Horse and Pony Society (CHAPS)
Danish Knabstrupper Association (KNN, The Knabstrupper Association for Denmark)
Dansk Palomino Avlsforbund
 (Danish Palomino Society)
Dansk Pinto Association
(Danish Pinto)
Dansk Sports Ponyavl
(Danish Sports Pony)
Frederiksborg Hesteavlsforeningen
Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada
Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada
Iberian Warmblood
Jockey Club, The
Norwegian Knabstrupper Association (Norsk Knabstrupperförening, Norway)

Verband der Züchter des Oldenburger Pferdes e. V. (Oldenburger Verband, Germany)
Palomino Horse Breeders Association
Performance Horse Registry
Pinto Horse Association

Pony of the Americas Club, Inc.
Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN) Dutch dressage, carriage and Gelderlander horses
Swedish Knabstrupper
Association (Svenska Knabstrupperföreningen, Sweden)
Shetland Pony
Trakehner Verband (Trakehner Verband, Germany)
Verband Der Züchter des Holsteiner Pferdes e.V. (Holsteiner Verband, Germany
Verband Hannoverscher Warmblutzuechter e.V. (Hanoverian Verband,Germany)
Vereniging Het Nederlands Appaloosa Stamboek (Dutch Appaloosas)
Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America, Inc.

Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V. (Westfalen Verband, Germany)
Zuchtverband für deutsche Pferde e.V.


Homozygous Appaloosa Coat Patterns Study by Gene Carr and Robert T. Lapp
Champagne Horse  Champagne Gene Information
Colours and Markings
Colour and Colour Inheritance in Horses  A Brief Essay including Icelandic/Dutch Colours
Cremello and Perlino Educational Association, The  Dilute Color Information
Paint Horse Color Genetics Information about APHA/Genetics: Tobiano, Overo, Tovero & Solids
U.C. Davis Horse Genetics Veterinary Genetics Lab - Coat Color Genetics
U.C. Davis Horse Genetics Horse Genetics (Overo, Red Factor, Homozygous Tobiano...)
University of Minnesota Information about Overo Lethal White Syndrome
University of Minnesota Researchers track gene responsible for Overo Lethal White Syndrome


Affiliated National Riding Commission Promoting quality educated riding for all levels
American Horse Council
National legislative representative for the horse industry in the U.S.
Association of Irish Riding Clubs (AIRC)
Australian Racing Hall of Fame
Belgium Equestrian Federation   Belgium equestrian federation for equestrian sport (aka Belgium FN)
British Equestrian Federation
British Horse Trials
Promotes, organizes and regulates the sport in the U.K.
Canadian Equestrian Federation
Dansk Ride Forbund
Danish Riding Federation (aka Danish FN) - Official Danish Equestrian web site. No Translation.
Danish Warmblood Society
Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung - FN
German FN
Dressage Ireland
Equestrian Federation of Ireland
(The National Governing Body for all equestrian sport in Ireland, with the exception of horse racing.)
Equestrian Federation of Latvia
Equestrian Federation of Norway
Equestrian Federation of Quebec
Eventing Ireland
Federation Equestre Internationale
Official site of the FEI, the international federation for equestrian sport World Sanctioning Body for Equestrian Sport
Federation Francaise d'Equitation French equestrian federation for equestrian sport (aka French FN)
French Equestrian Federation
German Equestrian Federation

Horse Council B.C.
(British Columbia)
International Olympic Committee
Israel Equestrian Federation
Italian Equestrian Federation
Landbrugets Rådgivningscenter, Landskontoret for Heste
Danish Horse Breeding Office
National Hunter & Jumper Association
National Hunter Jumper Council
USA Equestrian Federation
  "Federation," formerly known as the AHSA (American Horse Show Association); National equestrian federation of the U.S.; the regulatory body for the Olympic and World Championship equestrian sports - Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Eventing, Reining, Show Jumping, and Vaulting - as well as 18 other breeds and disciplines of competition.
Union Nationale Interprofessionnelle Du Cheval (France)
United States Combined Training Association
 Official site of the USCTA
United States Department of Agriculture
 Official site of the USDA -  Horse/Semen Importation/Exportation Information and Forms
United States Equestrian Team
United States Olympic Committee
United States Pony Clubs, Inc.


Breeding News for Sport Horses
The Chronicle of the Horse U.S. weekly sport horse magazine
Flying Changes dedicated to Dressage, CT, and H/J enthusiasts - with a focus on the Pacific Northwest
Hoefslag Dutch-Belgian weekly sport horse magazine - published by BCM Holland
Horse In Sport Canadian equestrian magazine
Horses Incorporated  The premier magazine for equestrians and country living on the west coast.
Horse International Sport & Breeding - international magazine published by BCM Holland
Horse Review
L'Année Hippique The International Equestrian Yearbook - published by BCM Holland
New Zealand Horse and Pony
Paard & Sport
A joint publication of different Dutch organizations - published by BCM Holland
Pferd + Sport (Horse Sport - German magazine - Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, Germany)
Thoroughbred Times Thoroughbred racing magazine
The Warmblood Magazine


Appaloosa Horse Club - Hall of Fame
Australian Horse Racing
Horse Racing selection and information service for Australian and International punters

Bay Area Equestrian Network, The Regional, California directory to equine services and products.

BCM Holland Best Communication & Management
Chronicle of the Horse
Canadian Horse Trader

Clip Clop
Currency Exchange Rates International Currency Rate Converter
Dressage un Ltd.
Dressage Canada Dressage Canada is a committee of the Canadian Equestrian Federation
Equine Advertising
Equine Info


Equitana USA Largest International Trade Show and Equestrian Gathering in North America
Equiweb - UK
 Equine information and many "international" links
Provider of global on-line equine information and resources
Eurodressage A project by
HayNet, The
Heartfelt Farm
European Sport Horse & Warmblood Books
Hippo Foto Photographer based in Belgium
Horse Capital Digest

Horse Country
Horse Gazette
Horse Net Europe European Equestrian Network
Horse World Data
International Museum of the Horse
Meridith Manor International Equestrian Centre

NBC Olympics Choose a Sport - Equestrian News
Phar Lap
Pony information
Real Sports Network
Select Breeders Services
Specializing in Equine Semen Freezing, Storage, & Distribution
Sierra Equest Online Equestrian News & Information
Southeast Asia's Equestrian Centre
Sporthorse Connection
State Studs in Germany

Texas Horseman's Directory Information source for anything about Texas
Thoroughbred Champions   Gallery - Biographies of famous Thoroughbreds
Translation (Free)
Ultimate Dressage

US Event Horse A monthly online magazine focused on the horse sport of three day eventing
Webpony A search engine featuring pony information
World of Horses Equestrian News & Information, based in the U.K.
World Wide-Dressage Register Listings of dressage and dressage-related websites