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To learn about the Danish Knabstrupper Society (KNN), visit their website.

To learn more about the history of the Danish Knabstrupper, see: Knabstrupper History.

Photo credit: Kim Sparre
Another Knabstrupper Has Arrived in the USA
The second confirmed Danish Knabstrupper has arrived in the USA!  "Menetti," as she is called, is an extraordinary "few spot" Knabstrupper, meaning she is homozygous for producing "characteristic" Knabstruppers. Menetti, is approved by the Danish Knabstrup Society (aka KNN) and is carrying a foal by the black leopard spotted, approved Knabstrupper/SHOC stallion, Figaro, due to foal in June 2002. She was purchased and imported to the USA by Dawn DeProfio. Menetti is truly "few spotted" as shown in this photo of her, taken at her KNN approval, graciously provided by Kim Sparre, with the KNN in Denmark.  Look for Menetti, and her foal, in the show ring, in the future! Congratulations to Ruth Westergaard, seller of this mare and owner of Figaro and also to Menetti's new owner, Dawn DeProfio!
The First Knabstrupper Has Arrived in the USA

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Photos taken and provided by Kim Sparre
Mølager Monique, KNN 1774 (sire: Xanthos, KNN 112 and SHOC - Elite; dam: Mølager Columbine, KNN 1679)

The first Danish Knabstrupper has arrived in the U.S.A, exported recently from Denmark. This is the first Knabstrupper confirmed to exist in the U.S.A. The mare is a gorgeous Leopard spotted KNN registered Knabstrupper sired by Xanthos, who is one of the top two Knabstruppers in Denmark. Congratulations to the new owners and to the Danish seller of this very fine mare (who wish to remain unnamed at this time)!  We hope to see Monique and her new owner in the winner's circle, in the future.

Over the past couple of years, SHOC has received many claims of Knabstruppers existing in the U.S. but this is the first "confirmed" Knabstrupper in the U.S.!  SHOC's re-introduction and worldwide exposure to this remarkable Danish spotted breed of warmblood, has proven to be of immense interest to color breeders worldwide, particularly in North America.  

SHOC makes this announcement to celebrate the exciting and historical news of the FIRST confirmed Knabstrupper in the U.S.!  The information about Monique was provided directly to SHOC, by, and with the permission of, the Danish seller of the horse, requesting that she remain unnamed as she is not in the "business" of selling horses, but rather had only this one outstanding mare to sell.  

The Danish seller, in Denmark (former owner of Monique), personally expressed in a phone conversation with SHOC's Founder and Director, Lori Wagner, a genuine fondness of Monique and is particularly excited to know Monique is apparently equally cherished by her new American owner who reportedly received Monique as a Christmas gift from her husband.  (Wow!)   Honoring the request by the Danish seller and Elizabeth Rufenach who also spoke directly with Lori Wagner, stating that she is the American agent for an American man buying the horse for his wife, SHOC refrained from announcing this news until late January, after learning that the American agent and the Danish were finally letting out the exciting news of the arrival of Monique in the U.S.  SHOC shares their enthusiasm and wishes Monique and her new American owner the very best for a wonderful long lasting relationship.

To date, SHOC has had no direct contact or communication with the actual exporter/owner of Monique.  We, at SHOC, look forward to eventually meeting the actual owner of Monique.  We also look forward to her/their involvement in SHOC and the receipt of their "article" about the Knabstrupper search, as offered by the American agent, in her e-mail to SHOC.  SHOC understands the difficulties they experienced ...

We hope this clarifies any existing confusion as to SHOC's interest in this celebrated event.  SHOC's Founder has enjoyed several years of positive relationships with Directors and members of the KNN and will continue to work in cooperation with the KNN in Denmark for many more years to come.  Any one wishing to learn more about the Knabstruppers or any one who would like to contact the KNN may do so through their website.  There are several KNN members who speak very good English and they are very pleased to answer questions about Knabstruppers.

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From: "Elizabeth Rufenach"
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We are currently working on purchasing a Knanstrupper from Denmark and would like to get involved in the SHOC.

I have imported warmbloods in the past, but recently got an interesting request from a man looking for a "spotted warmblood" for his wife. This, he explained to me, is the horse of her dreams and nothing else will do.

She loves these horses, rare as they are. We called a dozen places here in the US and did not find a single Knapstrupper under saddle for her. She wants a horse that can "do it all"--distance ride, jump, dressage. This is the breed she chose-and leopard spots her horse must have.

If you are interested, we would be happy to write an article on this long and very educational search for the perfect horse for your publication.

In the meantime, our search is not over, and any information you can provide on the breed would be appreciated. Also, if there are other owners here in the Los Angeles area--and SHOC events as well--please let us know.